Soundcard broken  0.0

By BranHarper1
Nov 15, 2008
  1. Alright people.
    About 5 months ago. I deleted my soundcard and its drivers which was soundmax.
    Iv just got a new soundcard. Its called eDeo Pc1 Driver or something like that.
    Iv put the card into my monitor. It says i need a jumper plug to adjust configuration of my woofer and normal speakers. Does this mean i need to put this jumper plug in to get any sound at all ?

    At the moment no sound is coming from my computer at all.
    Note i dont know what a jumper plug is exactly. Inside my monitor iv got loads of spare leads tied up. Could it be one of these ?
    Also when i go onto Control Panel > sounds and audio devices it says iv got no audio device.

    Also im working with Windows XP

    Someone please help.
    It would be greatly appreciated. Need this working asap. As im helping a freind with a dj event. So need to get some mixes together.
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