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By Remogogy
Apr 16, 2007
  1. Over the Last 2 years I have upgraded my vid card 3 times and i still get the same crapy fps in source.

    here is what i have.
    sys.P4 2.6 dual processor
    Nvidia 7600
    and 1 gig of Ram.

    I get 30 fps standing still and less than 15 in fights.

    Can somebody please help with this.
    I have never been able to play source.
    Every upgrade and every card ive had gives me the exact same crapy performance.

    I cant figure it out and its getting very frustrating.
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    Or... He or She could just do it more awesomely!

    Go to My Computer > C: > Program files > Steam > SteamApps > your Steam name > Counterstrike: Source ( or what ever game you play ) > Cstrike > Cfg ( It should have another file called Config.cfg inside ) and write this inside a new text file

    cl_forcepreload 1
    sv_forcepreload 1
    cl_ragdoll_collide 1
    dsp_enhance_stereo 1
    r_fastzreject 1
    fps_max 75
    violence_ablood 0
    violence_agibs 0
    violence_hblood 0
    violence_hgibs 0
    cl_ejectbrass 0
    lod_Enable 1
    muzzleflash_light 0
    r_drawflecks 1
    r_modellodscale 1
    fog_enable 0
    mat_compressedtextures 1

    echo "_Maximum performance Loaded!_"

    Then save it as autoexec.cfg ( exactly like that, do not just rename it... you have to save it like that ) then when you load up the game it'll load all these commands that will make the game run more smoothly

    For the part that says FPS_max it's recommended to put that number as your monitor's refresh rate to make it run in sync with your monitor ;)
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