Speedstream 4100 drivers

By thm120
Aug 11, 2008
  1. can anyone please rip you speedstream 4100 installation CD/At&t installation CD and upload it to a file hosting site and send it to me? i switched to XP and i lost my CD so i really dont have internet and i cant pay 10$ for a new one please help me out. without the cd it wont even recognize m modem please help me, i have AT&T speedstream 4100
  2. radnam

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    I dont think you need any drivers for the router. Its a Ethernet modem and you can configure the same and get your connection.

    Actually you will not find it on Siemens driver website because according to Siemens: The 4100 Ethernet model works with any Ethernet equipped PC, regardless of operating system.

    Just ipconfig in command prompt and you will get the default gateway and you can actually get the config page to configure the same.

    If you need further help let me know will mail you the manual

  3. Rick

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    Yes, don't use USB. There really aren't any pros and several cons I can think of (not the least of which are drivers).

    Get yourself a network cable and plug it into your ethernet/LAN port. Your modem should have came with one. If your modem is configured the way they usually are and your computer is using the default Windows networking setup, everything will be automatic.

    If it isn't automatic, you'll need to setup a manual PPPOE connection or use your ISP's software.
  4. radnam

    radnam TS Rookie Posts: 29

    Set up manually

    Hello Click Here if you want to know how to set it up manually just made a web page for you
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