Splintered PCB board

By Boins
Oct 6, 2011
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  1. Hi all.

    I have an asus x70s laptop and a while ago the power jack inside broke off and went further into the unit.

    I managed to take the laptop apart and retrieve the jack.

    I then, rather stupidly, attempted to desolder the remainder of the unit from the board and found that apparently ASUS use diamond as solder.... that or I wasn't doing something right.

    Anyway point is, that the contacts stayed in the board no matter what and only with force and heat did they come out, (unfortunately however there are still two contacts firmly in the board)

    Anyway, as you can all imagine the inevitable happened. The board warped slightly and on one of the corner points, the iron went through and splintered the side (picture attached)

    A couple of questions.

    Number 1: (And I think I already know the answer to this.) As this has happened will this be detrimental to the running of the laptop? (I'm going to guess that the second I turn it on, should I be successful in replacing, that the power will short and the world will end or something)

    Number 2: Since last using the laptop I can only assume that the rest of the components, processor, RAM, Drive etc, are still in good working order and I'm wondering just how successful anyone may think it would be to sell the laptop as spare parts?

    or would I be better off taking into the yard with a shotgun?

    Sorry about the cynical nature of this post, that's just how I am.... that and I'm incredibly annoyed at myself for thinking that me + soldering iron + delicate electronics was ever going to have any other outcome than this.

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