Sprint considers LTE adoption, final decision in 4 to 6 months


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During a roundtable discussion at Mobile World Congress, Sprint's senior vice president of networks, Bob Azzi, said that the carrier will watch how many of its customers migrate from EV-DO to mobile WiMAX over the next 4 to 6 months and then evaluate the best way to use its existing spectrum before it decides whether or not to deploy LTE.

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I'm curious what will happen to existing 4G WiMax devices and those customers using them. Will there be some sort of trade-up program? I guess they will have to sort out the details in the near future.


The same thing that happened to people who bought a Betamax instead of a VHS player.


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I wish they would tell us what is the issue with WiMax... or is it that since they are practically the only provider of WiMax that the chips for it are costing more to put in the phones where perhaps the adoption of LTE is increasing and will lower manufacturing costs???


I was studying all this stuff last year and the first thing my professor told us was that the best thing (and only) WiMax has is Intel behind it. Apart from that, LTE is better in every single aspect (adaptability, range, power consumption...)
What is goning to happen to those with a WiMax device? Well, time will say
Anyway, We'll have to wait and see where this fight ends. I only hope I'm in the right side when it finishes