Spybot/ keyboard error

By r_a_jewel
Mar 20, 2005
  1. Hi Again,
    I was trying to use the spyware removal using the guides in one the post. I was in SPYBOT disabling STARTUP PROGRAMS that might be sypware programs and I restarted my computer which I've only been able to access in safe mode. When I restarted I got keyboard errors. Now I can't get anyware except into set up
    ..And do not my win xp cd. Now what can I do? :knock:
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    When and how did the computer start to work only in safe mode?

    If your computer isn't 'self-made', there's a chance that the XP setup files are in the hard disk somewhere, maybe buried into \windows\i386 or similar directory. Search for "winnt32.exe", for example.

    However, if you can't even boot it anymore, the options are getting more and more limited. Maybe putting the hard disk drive into another computer could help, provided the problem is solvable without reinstalling the whole OS.

    Without knowing more precise symptoms, it's difficult to say whether doing anything in recovery console would help. You could get there by downloading & creating XP boot floppies and booting with them, nevertheless.

    As for keyboard not working anymore - what kind of a keyboard is it? Most keyboards don't require any special applications to work.
  3. r_a_jewel

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    Thank You!

    Thank you again :giddy:
    My neighbor unplugged my PC, mouse, and key board and we plugged everything back in. I was able to restore in safe mode. Then I ran HijackThis and deleted x a few things to fix but there is so much more( I’m Afraid to touch yet... I'm trying to remove everything (spy related) before I try system recover (one thing at a time). I can get to that only through windows recover through task manger ( which, I got into last night and was so excited because I found a way to get into it) I uploaded my hijack this log in Os operating forum. So I can in in safe mode now I just to have to deleted those ugly spy monsters and then try to recover my back up which is in my c drive.. So if you have any suggestions for what next I would love it.
    Thanks ,
    Julie :knock:
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