Spyware Nuker?????

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Oct 3, 2003
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  1. Hello, I am completely and totally new to this site. I stumbled on it looking for advice.
    Has anyone heard of the "Spyware Nuker"? There is so much crap out there a body doesn't know if your coming or going.
    I came across that stupid "Evidence Eliminator" where it tries to scare the bejeebers out of ya with popping up your ip address and desktop and all, telling you you are being tracked,authorities and the whole works. I found a thread about that on here. That was great. Thanks to all!
    So please any info on the rep of "Spyware Nuker" please let me know!!:confused:
  2. lalaji

    lalaji TS Rookie Posts: 136

    I have never heard of Spyware Nuker and i did a google search and found their site. It doesnt seem like it would be very reputable since they never give you a company name or anything. It just reminds me of a bad infomercial or something. If you want to get rid of spyware i would recommend using Ad Aware or spybot. Im pretty sure you can get them from download.com. I dont think you can use both of them because if i remember correctly, techtv had a problem with spybot telling you you have ad aware and to get rid of it... or something like that. So to get rid of spyware, get spybot, if its just ad crap like gator ad aware will do the job. Hope this helped!
  3. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    I don't know anything about Spyware Nuker, but I would suggest instead to use Ad-aware or Spybot. They are both very popular.

    A lot of people, including me, use both of them. Sometimes one will find something that the other misses.

    Edit; I didn't see the above post, until after I posted this. Just to add to what lalaji said, I have used both of these applications for a long time and have never had any problems using both of them, and they have served me well. Spybot has never detected Ad-aware, at least on my computers.
  4. lalaji

    lalaji TS Rookie Posts: 136

    thats cool. Sucks for leo on techtv then eh? he had problems but i only run ad aware so i wasnt sure about his issue. Just forewarning just in case. Maybe now i will run both since you say they find what the other misses.
  5. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    I have never had the problem you described, that's not saying it doesn't happen, I may be just lucky. But I think some other members on this forum use both. I don't use Spybot as much as Ad-aware, it's a lot faster. Just run Spybot now and then to make sure I caught everything with Ad-aware.

    By the way, now that I get to thinking about it, I think it says something in the instuctions or at the website of Spybot, about the problem you described. But if it does detect Ad-aware, just don't delete it, you have that choice just as in Ad-aware.
  6. lalaji

    lalaji TS Rookie Posts: 136

    Cool deal.
  7. NattieGurl

    NattieGurl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Found out a bit about SpyWare Nuker

    Hello all,

    Thank you for your great advice. :D I have been diligently researching this spy crap and upon your recommendations and reading reviews and advice of trusted friends I did download SpyBot seemingly first as I want to try the Ad-aware next and in sequence as Olefarte recommended in hopes they will not detect each other that way and I can use both.

    My roommate did have that problem where he had Ad-aware on his pc and tried to install Spybot and they did not meet eye to eye. I will try this sequence and report back my findings.

    Ok, SPYWARE NUKER news.... I did get a warning page from SpyBot that "SpyWare Nuker" was a bad dude.

    Apparently Nuker is using stolen info from SpyBot in hopes to take credit and make profit. Spybot warns DO NOT USE SPYWARE NUKER.

    That is all for the moment... :grinthumb
  8. animematrix

    animematrix TS Rookie

    for an irony, i'm getting unknown popups from spyware nuker... and i'm still getting it.... apparently my ad aware and spybot doesn't solve this at ALL :(

    any help will be appreciated

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