SSD upgrade for Dell Inspiron 2330, is it possible?

Alex H

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I was looking to upgrade my Dell Insprion 2330 all-in-one PC to a solid state drive, to improve the performance. Firstly, is this possible? If so, is it practical?

Currently I have the factory 2TB hard disk installed and it seems a shame to loose all that storage space. From what I have seen it may be possible to replace the blu-ray drive with a SSD instead? Primarily I would be looking to run my operating system of the SSD and then use the existing drive for the bulk of my storage. That being said I am not sure if I would want to loose my blu-ray player either. I don't use it all that much, but it is still nice to have it there. I understand I may need to make some compromises to make the upgrade, so hopefully someone will be able to point me in the best direction and tell me whether it is really worth it. My PC doesn't run slow my any stretch, but from what I have seen it can make a big difference!

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Technically speaking, yes you could replace the hard drive with an SSD. I have never changed anything (hardware wise) with an All-In-One unit, but it must be possible. If you are looking to keep the extra storage space, you could take the 2TB hard drive and put it in an external hard drive case and connect it to one of your two USB 3.0 ports. That way you still have storage space to use while keeping your Blu-ray drive and having a SSD for your Operating System and Programs. It wont be as fast as leaving it inside connected with a SATA cable, but it will be better then connecting it USB 2.0 or not using it at all. If you do go through with this "venture", take photos and document what you did each step and then post them up here. May come in handy for someone else in the future.


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SSD is extremely worth it. You will get added performance and have 2tb of space. To this is a good move if you have this option. Even look at the new macbook pros....they dont even come loaded with a disc drive anymore. It is in fact rarely used by a common user. Most software can be downloaded via the internet. Also if you ever needed a disc drive and external USB dvd drive is about 25 bucks. If it was me I would run with the SSD. Just make sure you read on how to properly install the OS with a SSD, so you get optimal performance. Also you can use software such as SSD Optimizer that will help you tweak your new SSD. I highly recommend it..Hope this helps.