Star Citizen single-player campaign 'Squadron 42' gets 2020 release window and $46 million...

Unless its a non-stop loot crate nightmare there's mathematically no way this game can make back the money that's been squandered on it's "development" (aka supercars for Chris and his closest cronies). So we're either going to get the next Duke Nukem Forever or the next Battlefront. Either way SC/S42 can't possibly live up to $46 million worth of hype. And of course you'll have to buy a whole new PC to play it just as people did with every Wing Commander game, and it'll probably STILL run like a dog on anything that costs less than $1500. I'd love to be proven wrong on all counts but I've heard nothing that gives me any hope of that occurring.
SQ42 won't have loot box at all. It is a single player game and buying it will be enough to cover expenses as Millions of newplayers are going to join as soon it is a released product (not Alpha or Beta)... Star Citizen (MMO) will have micro-transactions like any others MMO.

Space Sims are a niche genre.

I would not be surprised if the majority of their sales are already done via the pledges.