Start-up menu/explorer only works one out of two time I start up..

By chemset
Apr 7, 2010
  1. hello, this is my first post here, i dont know much about how computers work beyond basic software, but you all seem to understand so maybe you'll know whats happening
    i got a wierd thing. recently i had a real, real annoying virus type thing, which actually popped up advertisments out of nothing. so i got a bunch of anti mallware programs and turns out theres a whole bunch of nasty thing on my computer, i deleted the lot and now once every two times i open my computer explorer bugs, i just get to see the hourglass in front of the bar of the start menu it the whole time and on the desktop where i can see the normal cursor i can't click anything.
    then if i restart everything works fine. huh?
    i've seen a lot of people here use this program called hijack this to shed some light on there case, so i^did the same...
    thanks a lot in advance

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