Startup and shutdown problems and screen problems.

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Feb 27, 2007
  1. Hello first time poster here and hoping someone might be able to give me a hand

    Having some issues with my computer and trying to figure out some possibilities.

    Problems I'm having are as follows...

    When I restart or shutdown my computer the monitor will shut off but the computer itself stays on (The blue power button stays on and it doesnt restart)

    When I go to turn on my computer it only turns on the monitor bout every other time (I hit the blue button but the monitor doesnt come on so I hold in the button turn it off and do it again then it usually turns on)

    Also when it is on I get a wavy screen when opening a window, playing a video or downloading a file, when downloading a file or playing a video it is continously wavy.

    And after re-installing World of Warcraft the game has all of a sudden become extremly laggy.

    Hoping someone here might be able to give me a cpl of ideas and maybe a cpl of solutions...Thankyou
  2. bolthen

    bolthen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I'm at a loss, have tried reformatting, unhooking everything and re hooking it up, tried using a different cable for the monitor and still nothing.

    It takes a cpl of tries to actually get it to turn on (manually turning it on then off untill the monitor comes on) And when it does sometimes it works but then sometimes it freezes anywhere, or sometimes it goes to a screen telling me that windows has failed to start with options of safe boot, last known working configuration, start windows ect...

    Im lost not even sure what to think could be the problem.
  3. Sounds like a Video Card problem.

    1) Describe the "wavy screen" as accurately as you can.
    2) Does the whole screen have horizontal ripples running across it?
    3) When exactly does it occur?
    4) what resolutions does it occur at?
    5) What is the make and model of the video card?

    The monitor sounds fine from what you've said, but the video card seems like it has an intermittent fault, possibly a loose connection. It may not be pushed into the slot properly, or it could be a hardware problem. It's likely to be a hardware problem if it's onboard graphics, as there is no slot in this case.
  4. bolthen

    bolthen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1)-The screen will wave from left to right, right to left going top to bottom. Like if im downloading something it will wave side to side going from top to bottom (clearing as it goes down) till it gets down then starts over.

    2)-Same as 1

    3)-The waves happen when im downloading something, and they appear when I open a page, click on something (like nvidia option tabs) but when just clicking its a brief wave


    5)-Nvidia 6100 pci intergrated
  5. So basically when there is LAN/WAN traffic the waves appear for the duration of the traffic and then disappear...?

    Something is seriously amiss, how are you connecting to the net?
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