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Static In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

By DrugCzarOfPortu ยท 6 replies
Jul 23, 2005
  1. So I bought Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. It runs great, plays excellently, and overall I'm enjoiying it. I have run into one issue though. Whenever shooting starts, the game lets out this piercing, high pitched static noise, like a radio or a tv. It isn't the same though, because it seems to rise and fall with the actions and other sound effects.

    I haven't been having any other issues with sound, ecept that this occurance did show up in the F.E.A.R. multiplayer beta. I could fix it just by logging out of the server i was in and picking a new one (sometimes repeatedly). In SC:CT, i can fix the problem by exiting the program, then entering again.

    The sound card I have came with the computer, and as far as I know, it's an "SB Live! Wave Device" according to the DirectX Diagnostic tool. Under "system" it's labeled as "SB Live! Wave Value" Any help would be appreciated. I've updated the game to it's latest edition.
  2. harrisdurrani

    harrisdurrani TS Enthusiast Posts: 159

    install new drivers


    If you know the brand name and everything try installing the Latest drivers of your sound card..that might help.
  3. ThePyrO

    ThePyrO TS Rookie

    Latest Drivers?

    hmm...it seems as though this thread was started a year ago...

    Well, I couldn't find a thread like it and I didn't know if I should start a new thread or not so here is my post.

    Could someone possibly give me a link to the latest "SB Live! Wave Device" Drivers? I has the same problem with the sound giving static whenever I take a random shot at a light or something. It also occurs with the original Splinter Cell, but I dont know if it does it on Pandora Tomorrow. Eather way, I'd like the drivers so that I wont have to blast my ears open to the sound of static every time I try to take a shot or every time I get shot at (which shoudn't be happening since this IS splinter cell :stickout: ).

    Well, now I have to go to the ear doctors now to see if this ringing will ever stop...


    Never Mind, I found it...

    ThePyrO - Fire Is Everything
  4. gah

    gah TS Rookie

    i have the sound problem with chaos theory too!!


    My problem is the exact same as yours! (as is the fix i might add) I too have the SB Live! drivers & I am wondering did you fix the sound problem or did you get the new drivers? If it is the latter, please reply with the link. Thanks!!
  5. ThePyrO

    ThePyrO TS Rookie

    lol, I think I can help.


    First you will have to select your location and language (Dont worry, its confidential) and then press "Go!"

    Then another selection window thing pop's up. Click Sound Blaster>Live!>Live! and click next. Then select your language again, your Operating System, and the filetype (You want Driver, of course) and click "Go!"

    there will be 2 downloads there. Sound Blaster Live! - Driver Patch (6.17 MB) and Sound Blaster Live! - LiveDrvUni-Pack (English) (23.32 MB). Download them both, but run the LiveDrvUni-Pack installer first, then the patch.

    It worked for me, not only with Chaos Theory, but with the original Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow too.

    Hope that helped.
  6. gah

    gah TS Rookie


    All hail the almighty Pyro!! I bow at the Pyro's altar of technical knowledge & revel in the omnipotent Pyro's ability to solve Splinter Cell sound problems!!
  7. ThePyrO

    ThePyrO TS Rookie

    uh, thanks?
    lol, its not that big a deal, its just a simple "Find the right drivers" deal.
    I at first didn't know where to get them too, so I just tryed everything till I got a solution :p
    Of course, I have to reformat the computer every year cause of all the stuff I screw up :p
    Thats what I get for using and abusing my computer so much :\
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