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May 7, 2007
  1. Hello guys,

    Here in the office my computer is connected to the internet
    using a static ip. Is there anyway I can use the Ip so that my computer
    at home can able to browse the internet? I have phone line at home.. i hope there is a way.

    Thanks in advance
  2. dedlam

    dedlam TS Rookie

    As far as I understand an IP address is the address of a server. Unless you connect to your company's server via direct modem connection or find someway to get onto your company's network from home.

    When you dial in from home your isp will allocate you a temporary ip address.
  3. wezz_o

    wezz_o TS Rookie Topic Starter



    now i know,

    is static ip can be shared using a router?
    so that 1 or more computers connected in that router
    can acces the internet? cause i really dont want to use
    the ics method.

    thanks in advance!
  4. dedlam

    dedlam TS Rookie

    If the IP address points to your router, then your router will allocate an internal IP address to your computer. So if you check your IP address on your computer in the office it should be something like

    The first 3 numbers to the address (192.168.1) is the same for every computer in the network. Outside the network if you try to connect you will only see the IP address of the router (which in your case is the static IP address)

    So yes you are sharing the IP address but each computer in your network has a separate internal IP address.

    I don't know what the "ics method" is so I can't help you there!
  5. wezz_o

    wezz_o TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wow! thats nice!
    you're pretty good at this!

    by the way

    ICS stands for (internet connection sharing) in microsoft win xp.
    check this link
    that's what i mean and i don't wanna do that thing


    do you have any idea in plug and play operating systems?
  6. wezz_o

    wezz_o TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what if, if you have website running and it is using that static ip?
    the router cannot point correctly to the server am i right?
    because the router automatically changes the ip..
    is there anyway i could run the website while using the router?

  7. dedlam

    dedlam TS Rookie

    I only sound like I know what I'm talking about. Those who can't do.... well you know the rest.

    I thought about buying a static IP address at one stage but it is quite expensive so I did some research on ddns.

    to run a website with a static ip you have to instruct the router to "route" incoming requests to a particular internal ip address.

    Some routers can do it some can't.

    But like I said, I've read about it, I've played with some routers but I've never done it. You're probably better off waiting for someone who has more experience than me to advise you.
  8. wezz_o

    wezz_o TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks again

    thanks again for your reply
    i really appreciate it!
    Got some ideas now thanks to you!
  9. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    The ONLY reason to purchase a static ip from your ISP, is your intent to run
    a public web site -- in which case you will also need a special user agreement
    from the ISP.

    btw: The ISP is your connection to the world. Whether you have dial-up, cable,
    or ADSL, the ISP will control your public ip-address. Your connection to the ISP
    via a router, will create a LAN with NAT support in the router. To get your
    web server accessible to the net, you use a feature known as port-forwarding
    to the LAN ip-address where your web server is installed.
  10. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,473   +126

    Good one jobeard! :)
  11. wezz_o

    wezz_o TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot

    wow that is much more specific!

    thanks a lot guys! i'll start my research in port forwading! if you have any idea how it works and how to configure this stuff please share it with me!

    Thanks again!!
  12. dedlam

    dedlam TS Rookie

    See! told you there were better people than me to advise.

    However this leads me to another question. If I want to host a VPN or create an online CRM database that can be accessed by people in different locations (internationally), do I need a static IP if I want in on a server on my own premises?


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