Static on my screen after video driver crash

By nathan4wvu · 8 replies
Apr 6, 2011
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  1. So over the last couple of months I have had the strangest problems and I'm reaching out for some help here. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

    I think it could be my GPU from what I can tell scanning the forums but I'm not for sure and I want some more advice before I drop 300 one a new one.

    Most of my computer hardware is less then one year old except my GPS and my power supply which is about 2.5 years old.

    Current setup
    Intel core i5 750
    4gb ram
    asus mobo
    windows 7 64bit
    gpu NVIDIA geforce 9600gt

    I have updated all drivers as well as my bios many times trying to fix the errors.

    The problem is as follows.

    -Adobe flask crashing while on youtube and both monitors will go black. Followed by an error message saying you graphics driver has crash and has recovered.

    - I play alot of World of warcraft and from time to time both the screens will go black and come back up cover in static. The only way I have found to fix this is a restart.

    - The worst and most annoying bug has to do with BSOD. When the computer is loaded up and logged in its stable but if I shut down its a two hour fight to get it not to BSOD. It will load to the log in screen then when I enter my password windows loads then random startup applications will crash windows gadgets crash. Followed by an "entry point not found error" user32.dll THEN BSOD memory crash. This will happen over and over again untill it will either randomly become stable upon boot or I run windows repair.
  2. Route44

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    How to find and post your Minidump Files:

    My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

    It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don’t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don’t Zip each one individually.
  3. nathan4wvu

    nathan4wvu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the response although I did just check that out. The folder has a lock on when and when I open it its empty. Any ideas?
  4. Route44

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    Enabling Minidump Files

    For XP:

    1. Right click My Computer > click Properties > click Advance tab

    2. The Advance Screen at the bottom right has Error Reporting. Click this on.

    3. Click Enabled error reporting and also check both boxes underneath: Windows operating system and Programs.

    4. Now click Choose Programs and click All Programs. Then click Okay and that screen will close. At the next screen click Okay and that will close.

    5. You are back to the Advance screen. Find the Start up and Recovery which has underneath it System startup, system failure, and debugging information. Click the Settings box.

    6. Another screen will open. You want the System failure section. Enable all three boxes.

    7. Under these boxes is Write debugging information. Choose the option Small memory dump (64kb). Click OK and that screen will close.

    8. Click OK one more time and you'll be finished. Now the ability for your system to write minidumps should be enabled.

    For Windows 7:

    1. Go to the Control Panel, choose 'System And Security', and then click 'System', and then click the 'Advanced System Settings' link.

    2. In the opened window, click the 'Advanced' tab and then inside the 'Startup And Recovery' frame, click the 'Settings' button.

    3. In the opened 'Startup And Recovery' window, there is 'Write Debugging Information' section. You should set the combo-box in this section to 'Small memory dump', and then click 'ok' to confirm the change.
  5. nathan4wvu

    nathan4wvu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dump files

    Hey sorry Its been so long since I have followed up on this post I have been busy. Still getting the errors but the dump files are to large to upload so I have attached the last 5 in the following zip file.

    Attached Files:

  6. Route44

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    Your issue is specifically cited as memory corruption. Therefore you’ll need to run Memtest on your RAM.

    1. Go to and download the latest ISO version which is 4.20. It is free and perfectly safe.

    2. Burn ISO to a CD.

    3. Place CD in your drive and reboot with CD in drive. (You might have to place your drive as first bootable in your BIOS) The test will take over.

    There is a Tutorial: How to use Memtest in our Guides and Tutorials forum; follow the instructions. There is a newer version than what is listed; use the newer. If you need to see what the Memtest screen looks like go to reply #21. The third screen is the Memtest screen.

    Step1 - Let it run for a LONG time. The rule is a minimum of 7 Passes; the more Passes after 7 so much the better. The only exception is if you start getting errors before 7 Passes then you can skip to Step 2.

    There are 8 individual tests per Pass. Many people will start this test before going to bed and check it the next day.

    If you have errors you have corrupted memory and it needs to be replaced.

    Step 2 – Because of errors you need to run this test per stick of RAM. Take out one and run the test. Then take that one out and put the other in and run the test. If you start getting errors before 7 Passes you know that stick is corrupted and you don’t need to run the test any further on that stick.

    * Get back to us with the results.
  7. nathan4wvu

    nathan4wvu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have ran a test before and It came back ok.
    I just got some help from a friend turns out I was running my ram at 9-9-9-24 at 1.5 volts and its listed to be 9-9-9-24 at 1.7. I Changed the voltage and everything looks to be stable now. I ran heavenly beach mark and the computer didn't crash so hopefully the problem is solved.
  8. Route44

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    That was my very next piece of advice as per your errror codes: Check your memory voltage in the BIOS and compare it to the manufacture's specs. Wrong memory voltage will read as corrupted memory.
  9. nathan4wvu

    nathan4wvu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your help though. Its been a very aggravating problem haha

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