StealthPlug - Amplitube 2 Live - Adobe Audition

By cudmore
Dec 15, 2008
  1. If anyone is familiar with this software, the StealthPlug and Amplitube 2 Live is from IK Multimedia. The StealthPlug and Amplitube come together as a package and is for playing guitar, the Amplitube gives you lots of amp options and effects to allow you to find that perfect sound without actually having to switch amps physically. It comes with Tracktion, which is a recording software, where you can use plug your guitar into the Stealthplug, find your sound with Amplitube and then record with Tracktion or another type of recording software, I prefer to use Adobe Audition, a better quality product to record with, anyone familiar with this and know how to make this work?? I'm on Windows.
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