SteelSeries announces jack-of-all-trades gaming mouse, the Rival 5

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Editor's take: Gaming accessories have become highly compartmentalized as of late. By that, I mean manufacturers have gone to great lengths to craft products like gaming mice that cater to a particular play style. For example, you’ve got mice like the Razer Naga Trinity that are geared towards MOBA / MMO players and the Logitech G502 that’s better for general FPS play. But what if you’re more of a general gamer that dabbles into a little bit of everything?

SteelSeries thinks it has the answer. Its new Rival 5 is described as a “mouse for everything,” packing a TrueMove Air optical sensor designed by PixArt with a CPI rating of between 100 and 18,000 that’s adjustable in 100 CPI increments.

The pointer affords a polling rate of 1000Hz / 1ms, 40G acceleration and zero hardware acceleration.

The Rival 5 is made from ABS plastic with an ergonomic, right-hand shape that can accommodate both claw and fingertip grip styles. It uses IP54 mechanical switches rated for 80 million clicks and has nine programmable buttons, five of which are on the side. Other noteworthy specs include 10-zone RBG illumination and a 6.7-foot mesh cable. It tips the scales at 85g.

SteelSeries’ jack-of-all-trades gaming mouse is available to purchase from today priced at $59.99.

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The 5 side buttons are GREAT. I might give this a try because finding more than 2 side buttons in a FPS-type mouse these days is impossible.


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You don't count, being left handed means your spirit animal is a hotdog.

Frankly, I'd be OK with that. Frankly.

But seriously, manufacturers - we're 15% of the western population. You make gear for handicapped people who make up an even smaller percentage. And then there's Japan whose population is 45% lefty..that's a significant gaming market, isn't it?


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Frankly, I'd be OK with that. Frankly.

And then there's Japan whose population is 45% lefty..that's a significant gaming market, isn't it?
I don't think Japan really counts, I have a feeling they're the people complaining about Valve's lack of adult VR content