Strange IE6 problems.

By Hodsocks
Oct 2, 2005
  1. I reloaded Windows Xp home about a week ago, loaded AVG7 and Microsoft Anti-spyware and updated both. For the first couple of days the internet ran OK (broadband connection) and then started having problems with web pages.
    The home page is google which usually opens up and if I carry out a search it also works OK, but if I try to open any of the sites it has found I get the " page cannot be displayed message". If I type a web address straight into the address bar the same thing happens yet broadband tells me it is connected. Updating AVG was successful but trying to update the Microsoft Anti-spyware was unsuccessful as it said there was no internet connection, it seems a bit hit and miss.
    I have ran a virus scan and a spyware scan and found nothing.
    Has anyone any suggestions what I can try next?
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