Strange printing problem

By Hodsocks
Aug 18, 2009
  1. I have just been looking at an Epson photo PX800FW printer connected to a pc running Vista which is printing erratically, if asked to print a test page it will probably print OK but if I ask it to print another page it wil print about 85% of the page and then pull more blank paper through the printer untill all available paper has been pulled through, it doesn't print anything on these sheets. If I leave it for a while and ask it to print again it will print one good page and then print as above, appprox 85% and then blank sheets.
    I have tried using the printer as a standalone copier and it will copy and print without a problem, it only prints strangely from the pc.
    I have uninstalled and reloaded the drivers, downloaded the latest drivers from the Epson website but to no avail.
    Incidentally this printer was bought in the last few days because their previous printer, an HP 7100, had started doing the same thing so they assumed a new printer would resolve the problem.
    As the Epson will print fine as a standalone copier I assume the problem to be a communication problem between pc and printer or a software problem, as the same thing happened with an HP printer it can't be printer software therefore it must be something else on the pc but at the moment I can't think of anything.
    Have any of you guys any thoughts on the problem?
  2. jlrka

    jlrka TS Rookie

    try setting option

    try setting the # of pages option to 1 and make sure it doesn't say 'all'.
    If the text editor only shows 1 page in print preview, (make sure it doesn't say next page} I'd try reloading the drivers right from epson's website.
  3. mathewdavid

    mathewdavid TS Rookie

    I had same problem in my printer at some time.But if you change your page setting,you will get your solution.
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