Strange Problem at startup....(long post)

By Meat99
Nov 29, 2005
  1. Hey everyone - I'm definately at a loss here with this one and any input would definately be appreciated. Here are the specs first and foremost (home built, has been working just fine for just about a year now:)

    AMD939 2.8 processor (approx, i can't rember the exact speed)
    Gigabyte K8 mobo (forget which exactly
    1 gig Corsair XMS 3200 memory (2 512 gig sticks)
    BFG 6800 GT OC

    Thats the 'meat' of the computer, anyways here's the problem I had.

    I was in the middle of playing a game when I got the 'blue screen of death'. Just stating that there had been an error and I would need to restart - there were no specifics except it stated a memory dump (my first reactoin was possibly a stick had gone bad, or something along those lines). I restarted, and the monitor wouldn't go on. This HAS happened before - its a weak connection in the monitor cable, in the past if i 'jiggled' it, it would go on. This time however, the monitor would not go on, and likewise I could tell that Windows was not loading (no Windows load sound coming from speakers). I was afraid it may have been the vid. card, but not the case.

    My question now is: Is it the mobo or processor? I did remove the processor from the mobo, and it was literally STUCK to the heatsink. I did eventually get it off however. I started the computer WITHOUT the processor even in, and it did the exact same thing. Now, I was under the impression that when a comp is started with a bad / or no processor it at least beeps, my comp wasn't even doing this.

    Now bear in my power WAS ON. Fans were running and likewise the vid card started up just fine. Does anyone have any idea? If not -- where could i possibly take it to be looked at??? THANKS IN ADVANCE (sorry for the long post)
  2. Vigilante

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    The basic description of your problem is: "lights and fans but no POST". Is this correct?

    Most mobos probably won't beep without a CPU. But it should beep with no RAM or no Video.
    You want to strip the computer down to bare essentials, just PS/mobo/CPU/RAM/Video. No other cables or cards plugged in. Still doesn't work? Then try resetting the BIOS. Still no? Pull the video, get any beeps then? If not, pull the RAM, any beeps? Of course make sure there is a speaker connected to the mobo, or a built-in speaker to the mobo. There is usually 4 pins to connect a little speaker.

    So with just your PS/CPU/Mobo, if you get no POST and no beeps, it's time to take it in to a repair shop. As it can be hard to tell whether it is CPU or mobo without being able to swap parts around.

    It may also be worth while to try another power supply if you can.

    Oh and welcome to TS! No better place to get your questions answered!
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