strange problem in startup and in registry

By alidabiri
Feb 18, 2006
  1. strange problem in start up and strange registry
    i'm looking at a friend's pc. dell pc with xp home
    it's slow to bootup and shut down
    it will not boot in safe mode (it lists files and stops and mup.sys)
    and hdd light stays on
    i looked at atart up and it has and entry
    for a start up item:
    it has a single quote followed by 5 small square boxes (i'm assuming it's x'01' ascii value 00 or 01
    and for command has the same thing
    for registry entry it has
    software\microsoft\windows NT\currentVersion\windows
    is this supposed to be there?
    i have run ewido, avg, spybot, hijack this. non could find a virus.
    what could this be?
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