Structure Sensor works with your iPad to capture the world in 3D

Shawn Knight

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Software specialist Occipital recently got into the hardware game with the help of PrimeSense, a company that created technology used in the original Microsoft Kinect. Together, the two have come up with a new product called the Structure Sensor –...

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People need to come to realizations with the fact that what is shown in the Kickstarter video, is not exactly what the product will do, it's a glorified sales pitch with heavy video editing. Comparable to a video game with great cinematic, and horrible game play.

Normally I'd have some sort of anti-WhyAnAppleProduct statement*nerd* , but you can't knock the innovation behind a simplified 3-D scanner, no matter what device it's used on. I've seen people do this with the same technology before, just not as easily.