Structure Sensor works with your iPad to capture the world in 3D

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Software specialist Occipital recently got into the hardware game with the help of PrimeSense, a company that created technology used in the original Microsoft Kinect. Together, the two have come up with a new product called the Structure Sensor –...

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People need to come to realizations with the fact that what is shown in the Kickstarter video, is not exactly what the product will do, it's a glorified sales pitch with heavy video editing. Comparable to a video game with great cinematic, and horrible game play.

Normally I'd have some sort of anti-WhyAnAppleProduct statement*nerd* , but you can't knock the innovation behind a simplified 3-D scanner, no matter what device it's used on. I've seen people do this with the same technology before, just not as easily.