Stuck on "verifying dmi pool data"

By Chris1216
Jun 26, 2010
  1. I read a previous post a out here but not to long a go and I'm builtng or trying to build a computer it turns on and all and if have my main menu. The problem occurs when I boot my devices and I get stuck on " verifying dmi pool data"! I read before it's was best to q flash but I'm worried about doing that and I'm trying to see if I can avoid that! I checked my cooling system ad everything is secure an properly set up!

    I'm using a
    gigabyte x58a-ud3r
    CMOS 9900
    i7 930
    6 Gigs of ddr3 ram
    1 terabyte hard drive wd caviar

    *and as a side note I'm installing win 7 on a USB!
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