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Feb 13, 2007
  1. I would greatly appreciate some help with a problem I'm having. My son has been logging onto remote servers and I think someone attached some sort of keylogger onto his computer and they stole his on line gaming account. Since that time, we can't start up his computer. It goes to the welcome screen and then when we try to log on it briefly shows the desktop screen and then goes back to the welcome screen where it says "saving settings". I've tried calling Dell tech support and have spent two hours with them and accomplished nothing. I own a mac so I am sort of useless with the PC format. I would reinstall the system software on the mac-but apparently a dell doesn't come with system software? What should I do?
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    See if you could find a way to boot to a command prompt (usually you need a Windows XP disc to get into the "Recovery Console") if you can get that far and your are at the C:\ Prompt, type CHKDSK. Let that run its course and then reboot. BTW, What remote servers has he logged into? Game servers? or Actual Servers?
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    What, if any, anti-spyware and anti-virus software do you use and have you utilized them?
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    no disc

    Why didn't his brand new dell come with a Windows Disc? I don't get it? The servers are gaming servers I think- one called Moparscape and one called Steam? I do have anti-virus software but I don't know what you mean by have I used them? My computer won't start up? I can't get past the welcome screen so I don't know how to use them. I am basically an ***** just so you know.
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    You know what. Gaming servers really cant infect your system like that. Here is an idea. When the computer is booting up (Right before it hits the Windows XP Loading screen) start hitting F8 a bunch of times till it prompts you what mode you wanna start up in. Select Safe mode. Once you get into windows, open "My Computer" Right click on your Local Disk C:\, then select properties. Once the properties menu comes up, go to tools, and select Error checking. Select to Automatically scan and fix errors. Reboot your computer, let it run the disk check and see if that helps. Post your results.

    BTW: Dell only gives "Restore" disks. They wont ever give you a retail version of Windows.
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    Okay I tried this but I can't get into windows- it still flashes to the desktop and then goes right back to the welcome screen- says "logging off" and "saving your settings" and thats it. I've also tried starting using the Last Known settings that worked and that doesn't work either. I can't by-pass the welcome screen to get to the control panel or the computer at all.
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    wow, cant even get into safe mode.....hmmm...that is a bit of a tuffy. If you have another desktop computer around, i would say take the Hard Drive out of your sons computer, put it in the other desktop (NOT A MAC!) and use his drive as a secondary. Then run the disk check from there. You might have to obtain a restore disk from dell (if you dont have one). Usually if you complain enough they will send you one....
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    I don't have another desk top. I have two lap tops (one mac, one pc) and a iMac. I will have to contact dell for a restore disc. thanks for helping.
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    Enter safe mode as described above (post 5). Then follow this thread, and if you need to download anything use the mac to burn or copy to a flash drive for transfer. You will need to post the hjt and avg-antispyware log files as attachments in the security section, with a brief description of the problem encountered.

    If you can't get into safe mode, you can borrow a WinXP cd with the same version of XP you have (home/pro sp1/2) and boot into it and select Repair. See this for instructions.

    Hopefully that will enable you to get back to windows in one of the modes (normal or safe) and then run the removal instructions as linked.

    If you're fast, you can try and abort it from logging out of windows by quickly pressing start + run (shortcut for the Run command box) when it gets to desktop then typing in shutdown.exe -a and enter.

    Failing that, or if you wish to give up and start fresh, turn off the PC and unplug the HDD. Put it in a HDD enclosure or a IDE>USB adapter and then hook it up to your Mac to save any important data from it (and use a virus scanner to check those files being transfered) or if you wish, try and run the malware removal instructions from it (although some programs won't work for a mac, except the online scanners maybe) then you can plug in the HDD back into the PC and run the Dell System recovery disk (or Recovery partition >refer to your manual) and let it wipe the thing clean.

    Your problem is probably related to some malware corrupting the OS preventing you from booting up the PC fully. The games will have to wait after you sort this issue out..
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