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Sep 27, 2012
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  1. Thief: The Dark Project. I am in Constantine's, House chapter 4, and I have an array of deadly items on me one of which were those bombs that if you threw them they would make a whirring sound and then a click to let you know it was set and armed. Nothing lived once they went off.

    Now all items had a letter or number assigned to them and as I was walking forward I accidently hit the keyboard # assigned to the bombs and one went out in front of me and set. So far, so good. Then I walked forward... :eek:

    Can you say reload? :'(

    So now we can't say I-d-I-o-t-I-c?
  2. Dawn1113

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    I used to play a lot of ARMA II multiplayer. Most of the games I joined were heavily modded and very realistic. ARMA II players are sticklers for authenticity. So things that would be easy enough to do on games like MW2 -- walking through doorways with a full load of gear on you, for instance, or just plain hiding behind a concrete wall when you're carrying an LMG and ammo -- are easier said than done in ARMA II.

    In one of the first ever scenarios I dared play online, my AI is part of a special forces recon team sent into enemy territory to "observe" the doings of an HVT. The team is compromised and must hole up in a small house to await air support and evacuation. Soon enough, the house is surrounded by hostiles. The house is small and all six of us are jammed into a small room.

    At one point, I am asked to lob a grenade out a small window that is supposed to be part of my "sector". I'd been playing some MW2 at the time and had thought throwing a grenade out the window in ARMA would be as simple a task to complete as it was in MW2. So I just threw it out there. The grenade bounced off a wall and rolled into the middle of the room which my team was occupying. I actually heard one of my teammates say into his microphone, "I told you she was bad news..." :D:D

    I killed myself and took the entire team with me. Good thing my teammates had a sense of humor.
  3. xcylent

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    I'm gonna sound like a Skyrim junkie here, but I think I made the most common mistake anyone ever does:

    *Me wandering around in the outskirts of Whiterun in the early stages of the game*
    *spot a giant lumbering around in the near distance*
    "Oh look, a giant. yeah, I'm a level 9, I can probably take him"

    *a short while later*
    "In recent news, Skyrim's new space program has been 'launched' in an exciting start, thanks to a giant with a huge club sending a level 9 noob into orbit. Now, onto the weather report..."
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    Most of mine come from mainly "cooking" grenades for too long in games and being blown to bits. Although just a few days ago I was wrapping up the platinum trophy on final XIII; I spent around 4 hours moving and upgrading my weapons and accessories around while following a guide until at the last moment buying the wrong type of item costing me all my Gil.

    I was lucky I could reload and start over but boy it still hurt.
  5. Matthew

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    It's been blocked for a bit, but I don't believe it should be. I raised the issue a few weeks back but Julio's been busy (he's on a business trip in Korea at the moment). For now, I've replaced the word with a synonym in your title.

    As for stupid moves I've made in games: there are too many to count.
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  6. slh28

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    Yeah the weapons upgrading system is really terrible in FFXIII, there's no logical way to figure out how to get the best stuff and you're just jumping through hoops from a guide.

    I've killed too many people from friendly fires to count in BF3...

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