Suggestions for a new laptop?

By GNS1310
Sep 20, 2009
  1. I'm still trying to fix mine (see the post below...took it apart/put it together twice and it does nothing, not sure what I'm missing). If anyones an pro at rebuilding these things and wants to set up a Skype/AIM/yahoo chat or whatever to try and help me out, lemmie know!

    Was told just to buy a new one, won't cost me a penny. I dont need anything big (old one is an Inspiron 9300, 17" screen...doesnt need to be that big for sure). I would like a built in webcam, a decent one. I'm mainly going to use it for poker, Skype, and surfing the 'net. All of my movies/music/etc are on my desktop. Seems like I could spend a little and get more than enough for what I need. I bought the 1st one on, got a $750 off any purchase over $2000 (coulda been $2500) coupon that I found online, with an instant savings as well. Bought a monster latop (at the time) and saved a ton on it. Probably looking to spend less than $1000 which seems easy enough. Any suggestions? Any deals I should jump on? Stick to Dell or maybe try Ebay? Amazon?
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    unless your buying a dell xps i would not buy from them they have poor customer support and they seem to have a bad reputation of that in general.
  3. klepto12

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