Super volcanoes 'may be predicted'

By Archean
Feb 2, 2012
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    The eruption of some of the largest volcanoes on the planet could be predicted several decades before the event, according to researchers. Analysis of rock crystals from the Greek island of Santorini suggests eruptions are preceded by a fast build-up of magma underground, which might be detected using modern instrumentation. Such volcanoes can produce enough ash and gas to temporarily change the global climate.

    There are much bigger super volcanoes scattered around than Santorini, and some of them are at the end of their average distance of time between two eruptions e.g. Yellow Stone, which has something like 70km long and 30 km wide (roughly) pool of magma build up, which can destroy almost everything around 1,500 miles range may be development of such techniques can help in saving lots of lives one day.

    Note: Hopefully the development of such techniques may one day enable them to at least know that a Permian-Triassic type event is coming, when lava flows from Siberian traps along with other factors, nearly killed ......... earth.

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