SVCHOST error after using McAfee

By kuku
Jan 21, 2010
  1. 1) I have Symantec for some time - no problem
    2) Then I install McAfee, both Symantec and McAfee running within the same pc now. -> PC Slow.
    3) Uninstall Symantec and now have McAfee only.

    That is when I started to have Svchost error message pop out now and then complaining about "The memory could not be written".

    I cannot simulate what causes the svchost error. It just pop out now and then and I cannot see the pattern of action that trigger it. Perhaps a background process causing this.

    Initially suspect Conficker. Use other antivirus tools to scan and clean the PC, but not resolving the problem. Have applied Microsoft patches as per their Conficker technical article, but to no avail.

    What's wrong? Is this being caused by the McAfee? Anyone have the same experience?
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  3. kuku

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    Thanks for the pointers. I have tried what are in there but problem still persist.

    I strongly feel there is something to do with McAfee. My friend were not having any problem. But when he installed McAfee, the svchost error messages begin to pop out like mine. I don't know what process or rather 'dll' that was being called up by this svchost that might have failed and caused the svchost to die. There is a pop out message prompting me to click 'ok' to terminate or 'cancel' to debug. If I click cancel, the computer will become slow and finally hang.

    Any idea? Anyone facing the same problem with svchost after installing McAfee?
    I have googled through but no finding yet. Someone mentioned uninstall McAfee but this is not the solution I am looking at since I need the antivirus to protect my pc.
  4. Archean

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    You can choose from various alternatives, I've been using AVG (free edition) along side Commodo Personal Firewall; without any problem for since well years. There are other free AVs available as well e.g. Avira / AVAST; you can choose either of these as well.

    Anyway, check this out as well.
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