Good day. pls help. svchost keeps my gpu running, consumes most of my ram, and maximizes my cpu. specifically it is svchost with PID8986, but when looking for the services under it with same number. cant find any. so this svchost sometimes run, and somtimes goes away, and runs again and goes again. how can I fix this? my cpu is reaching 90 degrees celcius. thank you guys in advance for your help!Untitled.png


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I am sure you know by now what that exe does....just in case here is the wiki on it:

It is part of Windows so it can't be stopped/removed but your problem is not normal. Is your system pretty old? Underpowered by today's standards? Has it been a while since you backed up your data and did a fresh build? if it is Windows 10 and you have a SSD for a drive it's pretty quick. Maybe you picked up some type of infection? A rebuild should cure that.