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Jan 10, 2005
  1. My computer has SiS 530 video card and in order to play one of the games that I have (The Sims 2) I have to change it. How am I supposed to do that? Do I just go to the sight and download a version or do I have to buy something? One of the video cards that was compatible was Nvidia Geforce2.
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    More data

    What do you mean ¨I have to change it¨, the game won't work and displays a ¨Your vga graphics card is crap¨ message, or something like that? In that case, you'll probably need an accelerator card like Nvidia Geforce ones, altough I didn't know that Sims 2 wouldn't work with the Sis onboard card.

    If the game displays a list of compatible graphics cards and yours isn't in it, then you'll have to get yourself one of those.

    Have you tried upgrading your Directx version? Which one do you have? Probably the game did this already, but check it out.

    ¨go to the sight¨...you mean ¨go to the site¨, right? Where are you from? I'm from Argentina.

    ...Enjoy the Silence.
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    Yes, I mean go to the site. Heh whoops =/
    The game is already installed, but when I try to play it, it says that I don't have compatible directx 9.o graphics adaptors. Also on the sims site there is a list of video card and Sis530 isn't on it. So I wanted to switch to Nvidia or something but I don't know how...
    I have installed directx9 but when I tried to test if it was working it says that my display driver does not support it.
  4. Pegasus04

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    Can't be done

    ...you can't switch to nvidia, cause you don't have a nvidia fegorce graphics card, that's something that if you want you'll have to buy.

    ...last stop: get from the web the latest drivers for your sis card (altough I don't think it'll work) and try again. If it doesn't work, you'll need to buy a graphics accelerator card, like Nvidia's.

    ...good luck! :)
  5. depechem0

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    I waited for like an hour for the latest driver to be downloaded, but once it was done a little pop-up came up and said that the accessibility wizard could not be opened and so it wouldn't let me install it. *sigh*
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