Syberia - 'SP3' file absent. Anybody know where it is on disk 2?

By RX_Queen
Apr 1, 2006
  1. Syberia installed perfectly, but every time I play it, it goes in slow-motion. Now, instead of being faced with the prospect of spending hours and hours just to search a room, I thought that I would try to find a solution - and seemingly discovered one tucked away in the 'troubleshooting' section of the manual.

    It sais that Pentium 4 can cause slowing, and that there is a patch available on disk 2. I dutifully opened disk 2, and oddly cannot find anything named 'SP3' anywhere. Am I blind? Have they forgotten to attach it? Or is it on the disk, but I'm just too thick to find it?

    Please help this maiden in distress!
  2. Peddant

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  3. RX_Queen

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    I was aware that SP3 is downloadable from the net, but I probably should have mentioned before that my own PC (this is a friend's) is not connected to the internet.

    But I shall try the 'SP3.exe.'

    Thanks for your reply!
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