Symantec Ghost Troubles

By Grime
Apr 6, 2004
  1. I'm working on getting a series of images of the different computers we have around the office. I'm doing most everything through the Ghost Console from a server, and have the clients boot into the ghostcast session off of a ghost partition that the console creates on each client. I'm not having any problems with the other 2 types of computers that we have, but the Dell 2300S series computers won't load the network drivers!! I downloaded the latest drivers for the network cards (CNet Pro 200WL), and have tried both the packet and the ndis drivers. The computers reboot from the ghost partition like they are supposed to, begin to load the network drivers, and then freeze. I have to manually boot off of a win98 bootdisk and change the active partition back to the WinXP Pro partition just so the computers are operable. Here is what I have set for the computers in the Ghost Console:

    File name: DM9PCI.dos
    Driver name: DM9PCI$

    ; (optional) Slot number
    ; SLOT = 1
    ; (optional) Media Type
    ; (optional) Power Speed
    ; (optional) Ignore Remote Command
    ; (optional) Send Remote Command
    ; (optional) VLAN Capability Enable
    ; (optional) Rx Flow Control Enable
    ; (optional) Tx Flow Control Enable

    I'm not sure if those parameters are correct or not. I haven't messed around with them too much. They are the default ones that the oemsetup.inf file loaded when I installed the drivers into the Ghost Console. Anyways... Help? :(
  2. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    Some network cards don't support remote booting. Try installing a second NIC and see if that resolves your issue.
  3. bgivens

    bgivens TS Rookie

    Ghost Console Network Card Settings

    I have had this problem and what I found was that the computer had 2 NIC's and Ghost did not know which one to use so it just bombed out. I found that if I removed one of the NIC's it worked just fine. I hope this helps.
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