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By eyemfedup2
Oct 26, 2008
  1. hi
    i have a question abut system fan mounting.
    first off my CPU is cooled with the air blown towards the CPU.
    i was told that it should be the other way around so i tested it. blowing towards the CPU keeps it about 3 degrees cooler. that being said i have a rather unique
    CPU fan. it looks like a small squirrel cage blower. works quite well.
    my question is about positioning and fan direction.
    intake side of CPU fan is pointed towards the back, i did this because my board is rather compact and if i point it down its pointed towards pci slots (heat rises).
    if pointed towards the front i have 3 DVD players and hdd.
    if pointed up it seems that it would suck in hot air at the top of the case.
    thought of putting one fan in front to bring in outside air. it has room for two
    exhaust fans in the back. one directly in front of CPU fan intake and one
    right underneath it. i put an exhaust fan in the lower position to vent out hot air
    and left the top one out so i didn't starve the CPU blower. I'm going to call it a blower.
    that's what it looks like.has an Nspire 650 w ps with a bottom facing fan, large
    fan sucks air out of case.
    has a spot for side panel fan but since it doesn't use a conventional fan i don't
    know if it would do any good otherwise i would probably blow air in because its directly over the CPU. so i was thinking of the front blowing air in, lower fan in back exhausting out, upper fan space empty to allow blower to have some air to breath.
    or should i put in a fan to blow in directly into blower intake?
    it seems like that would just cancel out the exhaust fan. but the blower sucks in
    air rather fast so it might not.
    the blower is the most powerful down force fan I've ever had its really cool.
    so what do you think? just need a little better case circulation because I'm
    overclocking in a compact case (has four CD/DVD bay three are take up).
    plus hdd heat. thanks
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    you guys are to cool I've looked everywhere it seems
    thanks again
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