System Idle Process Problem

By cheatrhino
Jul 27, 2006
  1. Hey, I'm not sure what to do here, so I'll just post my problem.

    Recently my computer had been loading some sort of insanely large file (I thought). It turns out that my Task Manager says that my System Idle Process is taking up 60-99% of my CPU and it's nearly constantly doing that. Can anyone help me. I'll check back momentarily as I have another previous engagement.



    P.S. -- Your guide on getting my Task Manager, rededit, and CMD working again worked wonders for me ^^.
  2. tomrca

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  3. alidabiri

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    that's normal. you should look at the bottom of task manager (cpu usage)
    system idle process is usually 90-99%, but cpu usage at the bottom is usually 0-2.
    a large file may be related to a worm or virus. i've had it happen to me. not one file, but hundreds of them, each one 5 or 10 mb. it was caused by a worm.
  4. jobeard

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    verify your system virtual memory setting. force it to a fixed size of 2x the installed RAM.

    if you allow a variable size VM, the Idle process will be used to expand it
    and thus hi cpu usage wasting your resources (both HD and CPU).
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