System reboots sometimes in inactive for 30 minutes

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May 14, 2011
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  1. I have aWindows XP computer and sometime it reboot itself afte inactive for 30min? If I leave my computer running-- sreen saver goes on after 10min then about 30min after the screen saver goes on-- the system reboot. Not always, but speradiclly. I recently did disk cleanup and disk defragement before I post this question.
  2. learninmypc

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    Have you done any scans with an AntiVirus or anti spyware? Might try &
    for starters.
  3. abe10tiger

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    If you suspect a virus in your system, please make a new thread about your problem here:

    But I see you already have a thread there that was already solved.
  4. Assis

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    Hi, please run good anti virus to scan your system!!!

    if still reboot after 30 minutes!!!
    the best way to resolve this issue just repair windows!!! if continue with same problem after repair that's mean problem with your processor!!!

    sorry are u using laptop or DESKTOP!!!!

  5. abe10tiger

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    Thanks :)
  6. comphelp79

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    I guess my best bet is to get my PC fix, by a professional. I had helped with antivirus from another thred. since the reboot happen speradically I thought it was a virus, but now i don't know.

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