system rebuild with cordless mouse and keyboard

By wfw
Mar 4, 2006
  1. Greetings all.

    Kind of a novice question here. I'm getting ready to format the hard drive of our desktop computer. I use a Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard. Am I going to need to use a corded keyboard and mouse to do the rebuild? (See? I told you it was a novice question!) I've searched the threads here but I haven't found this topic discussed.

  2. Nodsu

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    Does the computer end of the keyboard plug into the PS/2 or the USB port? Some computers have problems with handling USB keyboards.

    You can easily test this - reboot your computer. Before Windows appears, try to do something with your keyboard - enter the BIOS setup, toggle Caps Lock or Num Lock, try to bring up the Windows startup menu (tap F8). If your keyboard works in the pre-Windows phase, then it will work everywhere.
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