System Restore problem ( 5 minutes away from lighting my pc on fire )

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May 30, 2004
  1. 5 minutes away from lighting my pc on fire

    i could use some advice, im here trying to fix my parents comp...its plagued by spyware, adware, tons of viruses, popups freeze the pc at startup, and thats the small stuff, theres only so much i know how to do to fix it, i resorted to restoring the system, so i follow the steps for restoring to its original form, but when it starts to copy the files from it says that ntdll.dll is missing:

    "The copy made by setup of the file listed below is not identical to the original. This may be the result of network errors, floppy disk problems, or other hardware-related trouble."

    nothing i can do but exit setup and do nothing (since i cant go back to windows), or retry the copy operation over and over again but nothing happens, so i clicked the "ignore the error and continue setup" option and waited for about 4 hours for all the files to be copied, and at the end, when i try to reboot.....NTDLR is missing, press any key.... and thats it, nothing else i can do.

    its a pretty new comp 1.5 ghz , windows XP


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  2. me(who else?)

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    If worse comes to worse, you can format-reinstall the computer, than get Ad-Aware and Sbybot S&D (try and run them regularly. My gandma had the same problem and several IT pros (her friends from work) claimed it irrepairable, as well as me ;) . Nuke it and start fresh.
  3. idonov

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    but thats what im doing, i completely erased everything, and reformatted to the way it was when we bought it, but the problem is in the recovery process (restoration), the discs are missing files needed to complete it, now im stuck and cant do anything
  4. Goalie

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    I'm pretty sure your CD is fine, but your computer is having trouble.. I've seen these symptoms before, each one is different.

    A few things to check:

    Be sure the cables inside of the PC are firmly connected to the proper spots.

    In your bios, load the failsafe settings

    Try downloading memtest from or memtest+ from and running those tests.

    From a bootdisk, try running a scandisk/checkdisk as well.

    Completely reformat by destroying the partition table with fdisk, then reformatting the new parition. Then format the MBR as well. Then run setup.

    Give those a try, let us know what, if anything, you find.

    Hope this helps. btw- Welcome to Techspot!
  5. idonov

    idonov TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks ill try it
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