system shutting down while burning either with dvd/cd burner

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Jan 7, 2004
  1. I am having trouble when I am burning either a dvd/cd. The problem is that it will only go so far and then the system reboots the 2 burners I have are a Liteon dvdrw ldw-411s(DVD) and Liteon ltr-52246s(CD) my OS is XP. Can anyone help at all?

  2. climbamtn

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    do you have any thing else going on while you are burning? that cool fish tank screen saver on winXP? have you tried burning smaller size images? are you doing a test and burn our just burn? does it do the same in simulate mode(test only with no real burning?) my guess is you are running out of system resources but knowing more would hlep. i dont know any thing about those dirves what software are you using to burn?
  3. micatex

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    Ok I have about 512mb Ram and I dont have anything else running at the time the programs that I use are DVDX copy, Blindwrite and Nero. These are straight burning and no test runs at all. It happens on small and large file burning but mostly on DVD burning
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Rightclick on your desktop, select Properties, Screen saver, Power.
    Does you system have any energy/power saving settings that shut off after a certain time?

    Also check in your BIOS if you have any powersaving settings there.
  5. climbamtn

    climbamtn TS Rookie

    i dont have an answer for you but have you ever been able to burn with these programs? the reason i ask, i installed roxio and it was never able to burn a dvd it got so far and ended the program sometimes locking up the pc. uninstall and reinstall fixed my problem. bee's golden was still able to burn at that time so i knew the burner was working fine.
    no help here good luck
  6. Nause

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    What the size of you PSU, it might be running out of power whilst burning because that is the time when the PC would demand the most power.
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