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Oct 29, 2004
  1. I have uninstalled the corporate edition of SystemWorks and now installing the 2004 Stand alone Systemworks. However, when I ask for the live update, the machine is still searching my old corporate server location. How do I change this so that it goes to symantec website instead?
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    If you like snails, you like SystemWorks.
    Get rid of that over-rated, over-priced resource-hogger!
    Use (both free) Sygate Personal Firewall and AVG from instead.
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    Perhaps he is not using SystemWorks for antivirus and firewall?

    Norton Ghost and Speed Disk are excellent products and way ahead of any freeware equivalents.
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    System Doctor is also a fairly easy to use reg cleaner. System Optimizer does a few standard tweaks with the reg/swap/defrag.. It can be used for a full system.

    Norton's AV is GREAT, especially definitions wise, until the program goes corrupt.

    And when that happens. Oy! To AVG's credit, I have yet to see AVG go south on a machine.
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