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Apr 17, 2007
  1. I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. The thing I want to do is get myself a (30cm-ish) table fan and build it into my case. I need to take the plastic housing apart and find a way to build the fan inside my case. I also want to make the fan blades uv-reactive. I know this can be done with special paint. I've been discussing this on another forum, and we basically ran into 1 big problem. The fan motor, it's usually quite big(like 10cm), and will stick out(thus making it look ugly) I thought of two things: 1 is: find a way to cover this, I don't know how yet, 2: turn the fan around, so that it blows inside my case. Problem is: the backside of the fan would be sticking out, and this would be ugly again. Besides, the view of the pretty uv reactive fan would be blocked =/ I would need to find a way to cover this as well.
    Does anyone have a decent solution/idea for this? I'd be grateful.
  2. raybay

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    Every fan motor I can think of will generate all sorts of electrical noise. The fan and air will both have to be setup in special ways, because of the risk of static electricity generated from the whirling dust and hair.
    There are 60m, 80, 120, and 160 mm fans available that are designed for this task, and are very low cost. Why not use one of them?
  3. Exonimus

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    It's casemodding :D

    because A:I have them in my case(3x120mm psu included+1x80+cpu cooler and zalman vf700-cu), B:it's not original C: it's not fun.

    I'm wondering what sort of electrical noise and special ways you're talking about. (I'm not even sure fan motor is the correct word.. the thing that makes the fan blades spin) The risk of static electricity isn't really going to be there because A: it's going to be on the right side of my case, so it's not gathering too much dust for the motherboard(more like dust on the backplate)
    (I don't want it on the left side because I've got a really nice window) and B:I clean the case often, so the risk is not going to be huge. Besides, I'm aiming at letting the fan run at a real low speed, so I don't think too much dust would be gathered. Or would there? Also, I'm not aiming to connect the fan to the psu.
  4. RamenNoodles

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    It all depends on where the computer is set as far as dust is concerned. If you have the computer case on the floor, you are probably 10x as likely to gather dust than ontop of a desk. All those carpet fibers, skin particles, and hair accumulate on the ground (which is why we vaccume) and that fan would definitely suck them in no matter what the speed. Of course it will on a desk, but your odds are way better.

    It sounds like a really cool idea, paint the fan casing the same as your computer, it would look hella nice. Nice idea, but I have no ideas as for hiding the motor
  5. Exonimus

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    I had the idea of painting it the colour of the case... about the pc, it's not on the floor, but it's not on the desk either :p it's inside a sort of wooden case, but there's only 1 side.. it's attached to my desk by a wooden plank. But if I'm going to make the fan, I'll move the pc upstairs because I wont have enough room anyway
  6. LinkedKube

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    if its in a cabinet on qa plank, why do you care what it looks like anyway, problem number 2 solved.
  7. Cyberbabe

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    Agree with Raybay buy a 120 or 160 mm case fan, and if you paint the fan blades this will unbalance the fan (making noise and will no doubt wear out whatever bearings are in the fan).
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  8. Exonimus

    Exonimus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 77

    don't argue with me on point #2 :p I go to lan parties with the pc quite a lot. Besides, It's almost surely going upstairs, where it'll be on my desk.
    As I said, I already have enough fans for a good airflow, but I just want this because it would look cool. About the painting: it's a small layer of uv reactive paint(not counting in the thinner) that will be applied on all of the fan blades, so it won't be unbalanced.
  9. Cyberbabe

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    :) Then i hope it works for you, looking forward to seeing a photo if you choose to post :)
  10. Exonimus

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    I will, but it might take a while.
    Also, someone had another solution: connect the fan blades to another type of motor(which would be more flat and therefore easily fit in the case). Problem is, I have no clue how hard this is...
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