Tablets to outship desktops this year, notebooks next year

Matthew DeCarlo

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According to the latest data from IDC, global shipments of smart connected devices exceeded a billion units in 2012, an increase of 29.1% from the previous year and representing a value of $576.9 billion. Although plenty of smartphones and other...

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Well, yeah. They're cheaper, disposable, more accessible. Average lifetime is also probably more than halved. It's to be expected.


I find this not surprising. Majority of people already own a desktop or laptop. Tablets to the masses are very "new" and majority of people don't own one. So it is only logical that majority of people will buy a tablet for the first or second time rather than replace their existing desktop with another desktop.

But I think people will still use their desktop/laptop more often than not.


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Yeah well, this is a grand testimonial to the amount of inbreeding that's going on in our species.

Leave it to Madison Avenue. Pretty soon they'll have people convinced they need an iPad to control their Mac Desktop, so they can use it to change the channel on their iTV......


People buy cheaper products than more expensive products? You don't say.


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In 2010 tablets just getting in the mainstream. More tablets sold in 2011. In 2012 more owned a tablet. Now 2013 tablets are much more faster, better CPU offerings and more RAM. But you all do understand this is what going to be it soon. Desktops and laptops will be history one day. Tablet can replace both even today can connect to HDTV, external HDD, blue tooth wireless keyboard and mouse. Android and Windows tablets this is where most will be heading. Apple that's another venture for those that are using Apple gear. In the Star Trek Series Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager all use some sort of hand held tablet. So you know it was coming to be.