Tales from the toolroom - storage problems

  1. This was some time ago - stop me if I have told you this one before!
    I had cleared all the .tmp files out of the folders, plus the internet files and cookies and then emptied the recycle bin.
    I told the client what I had done (deleted all the .tmp files, plus the internet files and cookies) and emptied the recycle bin and was finished.
    "What have you done?" he screamed.
    "I have deleted all the .tmp files, plus the internet files and cookies, and emptied the recycle bin" I said.
    "YOu *****" he yelled at me, "I kept files in there"
    Ooops b loody silly place to keep important files, so I ask now.
    Moral - some people are just plain stupid and you meed them time and again. Better ask yourself next time!

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