Talktalk speed increase/router probs

By josbd
Nov 2, 2006
  1. A mate of mine signed up with TalkTalk fairly recently. She got the basic package, and uses a Linksys WAG354G router.

    TalkTalk have kindly upgraded her free to 8Meg bb. Lovely, you would think, but now she is continually being booted off the net. She phoned TalkTalk who told her that her router is not able to deal with the 8meg speed (they said, and I quote that the router is ADSL2 and that cannot handle 8meg bb...), and should she wish to upgrade, then it would take another three weeks to get things sorted out for her.........

    This sounds like b/s to me.

    Anyone know any better??

    All help very very gratefully received
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