Taser purchased two tech companies to improve real-time body-cam footage search

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Taser International, makers of the well-known electrical weapons by the same name, revealed on Thursday that it has acquired two technology companies with the goal of creating a new artificial intelligence group called Axon AI.

Taser’s acquisitions include Dextro, Inc., makers of a computer-vision and deep learning system that makes visual content in videos searchable in real-time, and the computer vision team that was part of Fossil Group's acquisition of wearable maker Misfit in late 2015. The Fossil team, Taser says, includes machine-vision researchers focused on improving the accuracy, efficiency and speed of processing images and video.

Financial terms of the deals were not disclosed.

Although best known for its weaponry, Taser also makes body-worn cameras that are becoming increasing more popular with law enforcement. The acquisitions, the company says, will help broaden its Digital Evidence Management System by allowing customers like police departments to gain more insight into the videos, photos and audio captured by body-worn cameras in the field.

In other words, Taser is rolling all of the smarts into a system in which you’ll be able to search for keywords and find relevant bits of video in an instant versus having to manually comb through hours upon hours of body-cam footage. This, in turn, will lead to greater efficiency as it relates to providing video for public information requests, court submissions, casework and so forth.

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Screw Tazers..I want PHASERS! Body cam? Lt. Data remembers everything. We need Federation police!

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Until body camera's can be rendered "tamper proof", are dispatched and collected by the "command" every shift, and have an auditable trail to verify the above, they will always be suspect and create as many arguments "for" as they do "against". ANYTIME a police officer is given multiple "benefit of a doubt" decisions by the court, it casts doubt on our courts as well as the police.

The entire process of policing only successfully exists as long as their it public trust and an openness to public inspection. Police officers can never be allowed to act "above the law" and must be held accountable for any and all actions that are even slightly outside the law. The argument that they are at risk every day is empty. There are a number of professions that exist this way and let's not forget that being a police officer is VOLUNTARY. They are not drafted, forced to serve and nothing prevents them from walking away. By the way token, police officers should be respected until such time as evidence can be presented that goes contrary to that process. Once evidenced is presented, the police officer should be held to the same standard as the private citizen. They serve at our pleasure, not the other way around.