Task bar alternative?

Nov 5, 2010
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  1. I'm looking for a taskbar alternative I used 1-2 years ago. It has this awesome function to group a set of windows together, and open all of them in neat little windows using up ALL available monitor space, and will allow you to easily and quickly choose the layout (divided into 4 corners, vertical/horizontal strips, or even 2 small windows and a large window, etc).

    Unfortunately I haven't got a clue anymore what its called, and google hasn't been much help to me (perhaps my googling skills need work).

    Was hoping someone knows of a taskbar alternative which will let me to this. Hopefully one of the suggestions will point me to the program I'm looking for :D
  2. CMH

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    I found what I was looking for, it was called GroupBar.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't a commercial product, and was a Microsoft Research project of some kind, and they kinda stopped working on it in 2006, which means it isn't Win7 friendly :S

    Had some really nice features, I really don't get why they weren't incorporated into Win7.
  3. Tmagic650

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  4. CMH

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    Unfortunately doesn't quite do what I need.

    If you've got XP, check out the GroupBar. Given its owned by Microsoft, we might be able to petition it to be included with Win7, or at least updated :D

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