Task Manager Not Working

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Can Somebody Please Help I Have Tried Everything, When I Click On Task Mgr Or Use Control Alt Del, Nothing Happens, Its In My Tool Bar But Its Just Not Working I Do Not Have Any Spy,mal,grayware,or Virius"s Tried The Run Task Mgr It Says Windows Cannot Find It,tried The Other Thing Its Not Disabled Its Like It Just Vanished.please Help.
task mgr is in search will not open when i click it says windows cannot find it and its right there,just short of smashing my pc, really not sure whats left to do the var are right ,no worms ect,does not work in safe mode either its in my system file just will not work tried system repair w/cd nothing.not sure about extacting it from cd?how that works. i have xp media version


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follow the link at the top of the FAQ to read the full version. Its more informative.

To extract from the windows XP cd:
What to do about task manager problems > Appendix section said:
How to extract taskmgr from XP CD
1) Put your XP CD in your CD-ROM drive. I assume it will be drive D: but use whatever your drive letter is
2) Do this to expand all 3 files, or use whichever one you need. Note that you don't NEED the help files for Task Manager to work. Be sure to substitute your drive letters.
Start -> Run and type expand d:\i386\taskmgr.ex_ c:\%systemroot%\system32\taskmgr.exe
Start -> Run and type expand d:\i386\taskmgr.hl_ c:\%systemroot%\Help\taskmgr.hlp
Start-Run and type expand d:\i386\taskmgr.ch_ c:\%systemroot%\Help\taskmgr.chm
Visit http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;888017 for all the ways to expand a file.

Please try and read all of it first, and then ask some questions on things you don't understand, we're glad to help :)

If after following all the instructions and still not getting a result, read on to this page, to fully eliminate any hidden nasties residing in your system:
Preliminary removal instructions and post in a new thread at the security and web forum, which someone will give you the all clear or instructions.

You may download Process Explorer as a temporary workaround, the link is located on the third post down in the Task manager FAQ.
task mgr not working.

Ok,tried just about everything, so far only thing i can figure is when i downloaded tweak ui,everything dissappeared including tweak ui. I got tweak ui from pc world cannot find where it went and task mgr still not working, there are no worms or etc,does not work in safe mode, but when i run a search its there but cannot access it windows says cannot find it,its in my system files but will not work from there xp cd not letting me do anything but restore,very confused, please help.thxs


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post your hjt log here as an attatchment.

download Process Explorer and use it for now.

You might have altered something you shouldn't have with Tweak UI. If you've created a System Restore point before you installed that app, go back to it. If not, follow on:

-go to Start>Run and type in cmd
-type in sfc /scannow in the ms-dos window. You will need your windows xp cd for it.
-let it do its check and tell me how it went.
ran sfc in dos kept saying needed xp proff cd2 all i have is media edition but a file came up labeled i386 not sure what to do with it there is no task mgr in the folder anywhere so i cannot extract it.also do not know how to post a hij log or whatever its called please tell me what to do next thank you.
I Downloaded that process explorer like you guys sugg, checked off replace task mgr in it and guess what now all of a sudden i have task mgr back go figure anyway just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help
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