Task Manager Problem

By jbaker
Dec 5, 2005
  1. Hi all i have read and searched but i cant find any thing that will help me. maybe some one here can.

    in task manager something is ghosting my processes as [][][][][][][][][][] (little boxs) and i cant read them. every once and awhile a lore.exe shows up. i have ran 3 different virius programs, i have ran ccleaner, and spywareblaster and spybot search and destory. none of this has corrected the problems. i am lost here and dont know what to do. so im hoping some one here can help me.

    i have XP. i dont know if it is a built in xp flaw or something? but i can find anything on the net. my langauge is english. and that is what it is set as on xp. so i dont know if it is a char problem or something. but can some one please help thanks.
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