Teaming NICs in a Server

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I've never worked with Teaming NICs before in a server environment and I'm a little confused as to how they should work.

Can I just plug in the Teaming nic? Or do I need all 3 connected? (the two Teamed NICs and the Virtual NIC).


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one of the nics has to be a server card
hardware vender will have the management software for this setup
what basically happens is the virtual nic that will control your tcp/ip
so in your network connection you will see 3
your router/switch has to be able to handle the protocals to get the full benefits. there are 3 basic schemes for team
check on intel website the have manual for server/router teaming.I used it on my home server ,does not improve much on server downloads,but on client uploads it helps
home servers are still slowed down by the 378kb upload limit
1. Adapter Fault Tolerance = one card dies other still runs
2. Adaptive Load Balancing = evenly distributes the load
3. Link Aggregation =combining for faster connect
If you do this I would put the money into 1 -1gb nic server and 1- 1gb mt fast
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