Tech deals: Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 w/ a $20 gift card for $110, $150 off 13.3" Core i5 MacBook Pro

By Matthew
Oct 1, 2014
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  1. Razer's first attempt at the Blackwidow was met with mixed reviews but the series has since received a few updates and 2014's model has implemented previous feedback by using a matte finish and touts new Razer Green key switches that function...

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  2. Darth Shiv

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    I'd be wary of the Razer keyboard. Running a Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2013 and the software quality has been extremely poor to the point of forcing system reboots. They have stabilised it now so it can run in the background but running with a showstopper bug for 6+ months doesn't fill one with confidence.

    The build quality seems "ok". Logitechs just seem more than ok though - had a few Logitech gaming keyboards for many years without any of them failing on the mechanics. One's backlight can be glitchy now but considering it's a keyboard first and foremost, the KB part is working solidly (must be 8+ years old now?).

    Wonder how the Nighthawk has gone in the wild though? Seems Netgear's WiFi is still rubbish out of the box. Read the comments here for more info

    You could run DD-WRT by the sounds of it but the stock firmware sounds just as good as the previous few releases.
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