Tech giants form coalition to lobby US government for semiconductor funding

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What just happened? The ongoing semiconductor shortage has prompted a bevy of companies that make and use chips to form a new lobbying group tasked with pressing the government for federal funding that would be used to advance chip research and manufacturing in the US.

The Semiconductors in America Coalition (SIAC) is a cross-sector alliance of companies that are putting their differences aside for the greater good. Members include Apple, Cisco, Dell, Google, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, IBM, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Samsung, just to name a few.

The extensive list of members can be found over on SIAC’s website, but in short, virtually every major tech company has signed on.

On its website, the coalition said it urges Congress and President Biden to provide $50 billion for the bipartisan CHIPS for America Act. A press release on the matter dated May 11, 2021, reads in part:

“The current shortage of semiconductors is impacting a broad range of industries throughout the economy. To address this problem in the short term, government should refrain from intervening as industry works to correct the current supply-demand imbalance causing the shortage. But for the longer term, robust funding of the CHIPS Act would help America build the additional capacity necessary to have more resilient supply chains to ensure critical technologies will be there when we need them.”

SIAC further notes that the share of global semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the US has fallen from 37 percent in 1990 to just 12 percent today, largely due to substantial subsidies offered by other countries. Federal investment in semiconductor research has also fallen flat as a share of GDP, the coalition said, while other governments are investing heavily to strengthen their own semiconductor capabilities.

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I will say this again, if Intel gets one penny in the form of subsidies, then they should be forced to manufacture chips for AMD at a discount and on their top process.

They have enough money in the bank to bribe Dell, LTT, Anandtech and others so they should use that to build more fabs.


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While its true that Asian countries have given American industries huge breaks and copious kickbacks to get their business, ultimately it was the slave labor that sold them on exporting jobs. The US cannot match that, nor should it try.


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We need a domestic chip plant like TSMC. Global Foundries need to be up to speed. AMD may hnow have enough to invest in GF.


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We need a domestic chip plant like TSMC. Global Foundries need to be up to speed. AMD may hnow have enough to invest in GF.
Imho investing in GloFo as a neutral fab would be a good idea, although that shouldn‘t be AMD.

It would be ironic if Intel, the company that is in a big part responsible for the current state, would benefit from government money.

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I expect that Intel will do anything in its power to re-establish the monopolistic position it enjoyed for so long. They surely want those days back when they sold i5s for a ridiculous price with no competition. They might not be able to do that through innovation anymore but they can try through supply chains, manufacturing and lobbying in Washington.
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