Technical Error with Graphics Card

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Hi, I'm wondering what is wrong with my computer.

When I play a game ( World of Warcraft ) or few others, I get a message or something thats on my monitor that says
"Out of Range" Set monitor resolution lower or read the manual guide.

When I'm in the game it works fine, but then it all freezes and I got that message and it kept happening a few other times
maybe after 30 mins of playing or so.

I'm wondering why I get this message and the specs are below if needed.


Computer - Compaq Presario 5108 US or 5000 series

Motherboard - Via

Processor - AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz

Memory - 384 RAM

Graphics Card - Radeon X1300/X1550 series

If you need anything else listed please tell me.



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You max out the video display of both your video card or the monitor. You would have to use a lower setting. Don't max the settings otherwise you'll get this error..


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may be that should tell u it is time to upgrade to a system that will run u're games, or better one that will run atleast a few games in the future.


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I actually fixed this problem by defragmenting my file and shutting off the "save power" option in the management screen.

Thx to everyone that helped me and gave thier time up.
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